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Words related to Animals

Upgrade your Vocabulary by learning these words related to Animals

The animal world is one which fills delight in the most cynical of hearts. From the countless dog lovers to those who appreciate nature, there are countless fans of animals in this world. In a world with countless types of animals, the English language has done its bit in imbibing words into the language that make a reference to animals.

15 such words, based on various animals and their qualities, are explored below:

  • Bovine-an ox, cow, or related animal; having ox like qualities; slow, dull, stupid, or stolid.
  • Equine-a horse; of, like, or a characteristic of a horse.
  • Feline-of or relating to cats
  • Hircine-of or characteristic of a goat, especially in strong odor or lustfulness.
  • Leonine-of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a lion.
  • Lupine-wolf like; rapacious or ravenous
  • Ophidian-snakelike; a snake or serpent
  • Ovine-designating sheep or sheeplike; an ovine animal
  • Piscine-of, pertaining to, or typical of a fish or fishes.
  • Porcine-of or pertaining to swine or pigs; piglike.
  • Saurian-of or having the characteristics of lizards; a lizard.
  • Taurine- resembling a bull.
  • Ursine-of or characteristic of a bear.
  • Vixen-a female fox, a quarrelsome shrewish or malicious woman.
  • Vulpine-of, resembling, or characteristic of a fox; clever, devious, or cunning.

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